Multipurpose Hall & Auditorium

  1. Organizers must obtain the written approval of the Vice-Chancellor or the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (HEPA) or of the HEPA.
  2. Applicants must use the hall through and a copy of the officer responsible and must be made seven (7) days before the date of the event.
  3. The use of this council must be at least 50 people.
  4. Lecture or classroom activities CAN NOT be held in this hall.
  5. Approval of use are subject to availability.
  6. Organizers NOT use the speaker system during the azan from Masjid Sultan Badlishah and also from 7.00 to 8.00 pm in order to respect the time of Maghrib.
  7. Entertainment activities CAN NOT be held on Thursday (evening) and also on days other Islamic greatness.
  8. The activities held shall not exceed 11.00 pm.
  9. The organizers must ensure that all equipment is up to normal after the program is completed.
  10. Organizers are not allowed to paste a banner up mess hall / auditorium,
  11. The organizers responsible for any property damage, injuries and accidents during the program.
  12. If the organizers fail to comply with the regulations, Student Accommodation Centre (SAC) has the right to revoke any approval granted.
  13. Any subsequent application to the hall and auditorium, please contact:

Mr Faizal - 04-928 4171
Counter SAC - 04-928 4150

Multipurpose Hall & Auditorium Form

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